Women’s Group

Women’s Bible Studies typically run September-May. This year we have studies on Wednesday mornings, Monday evenings, and Thursday evenings. New studies will begin in the fall.  Times, topics, and dates will be listed on this page and in the Sunday Bulletin. 

More women want to be part of a study than there are available leaders. If you would like to lead a study, no experience is necessary and help is available. If you have questions, please contact Jane Harvey, [email protected].

  • The Thursday Women’s Bible Study is accepting new members for a study that begins February 24, 2022. The topic: “Wisdom and Works of Mercy,” a study published by All Hearts Afire, (www.allheartsafire.org). Members order their own book and study materials online ($39.99) The group meets on Thursday from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the Saint James School Library. For more information contact: Patti Valancius,  [email protected].
  • The Friday Women’s Study Group is beginning a new study on the life and work of Saint Teresa of Avila. Join us in the Parish House Library Fridays at noon starting March 11, 2022. Email Adele Collins at [email protected] to learn more.
  • The Monday’s Bible Study in accepting new members for “Wisdom: God’s Vision for Life,” an 8-part study with video presentations by Jeff Cavins. It is open to men and women at the parish. The study starts Monday, March 21, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. in Saint James School. Study materials cost $20 and will be available at the first meeting. To sign up for this study or more information, contact: Janet Purdy, [email protected]