Weather Guidelines

Mass takes place as scheduled regardless of the weather. Use your best judgement in severe weather conditions when main roads and  neighborhoods may not be safe to drive or walk. Remember on Sundays we livestream the 10:30am English Mass and 2:30pm Spanish Mass on our Facebook page and Livestream page on this website.

Park Avenue is an emergency snow route. Please use our lots (A Lot, B Lot, Parish House parking lot) and avoid parking there during a snow emergency. Details about snow emergency policy are available on the Falls Church website. 

During inclement weather, our rectory office follows the Falls Church City Government. If the city government is closed or operating on a delay, our rectory will follow the same schedule. The city communicates during emergencies via several outlets, including local news media and the following city resources:

The school and religious education program (PREP) generally follow Falls Church City Schools. You can follow the district online:

Both the school and PREP have parent notification systems in place and make use of social media in the event of a closing. 

Adult ministries and formation programs will generally follow the city government, but may decide to cancel sessions or meetings based on a consensus of members or leadership. In that case, every effort will be made to notify members and participants, including ministry email lists and social media.