Leader Resources

Saint James is thriving parish because our ministry leaders devote so much time and effort to serving the people of God. Below are some helpful links:

  • Parish Ministry Leads in English & Spanish
  • Bulletin Submissions
    • Please note that events held at the church and school must be scheduled through the Rectory Office before a bulletin notice can be submitted.
    • Any early submission dates will be listed. Requestors must send their bulletin notices at least 11 days before the date of the bulletin but are encouraged to try to send as early as possible since the bulletin often fills up early.
  • Pulpit Announcements
    • Final decision on pulpit announcements is made by the pastor. Pulpit announcements are due the Wednesday before the Sunday Mass.
  • Room/Event Reservation Packet
    • Any group meeting at the school, parish meeting rooms, or church (selling or distributing items after Mass) must complete a room reservation packet for the Rectory. This also includes any field or lawn use as well as parking lot use.
      • Do not promote your meeting or event unless the Rectory has verified the time and location are available.
      • Keep the last page on cleanup guidelines for your event. Return the first three pages to the Rectory.
    • This editable PDF form must be re-submitted every August for the upcoming year from September through August.
  • Ministry Scheduler Pro
  • Clean-up Guidelines Document
    • Also included in the Room/Event Reservation Packet above
  • Diocesan Office of Child Protection

To learn more about our parish groups, click here. If you are interested in participating in one of our liturgical ministries, including altar servers, sacristans, and ushers, click here.