Parish Cemetery

Our historic cemetery at the corner of West and Fowler Streets In Falls Church predates the establishment of St. James Mission in 1874. Several people were already interred there [Margaret I. Burke, 1866, & Bennett Carroll, 1868, and possibly several Sewalls] when Sebilla Sewall sold the land in 1873 for the consideration of $1.00 to the St. James Mission to build the first clapboard church.  After the Gothic church was built in 1902, the wooden church was demolished, and the property became a cemetery exclusively.  There are over 600 people interred there. 

Due to the need for us to maintain a few spare plots to serve owners of plots which, over the years, have become unusable, we are no longer selling any plots.  In addition, please note that deeds for existing plots are non-transferable.  Owners of plots who no longer need them have the option of donating or selling their plots back to Saint James Church for the original purchase price.