Youth Ministry

The Saint James Catholic Church Youth Ministry Program strives to foster the life of the Spirit in the development of the human person by:

1. Assisting families in the responsibility of raising youth in the faith; 

2. Teaching youth to pray/encounter and;

3. Connecting youth with their peers practicing the faith

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For questions or to RSVP for an event, email Youth Ministry coordinator Amy Bigart, [email protected]. Virtus-compliant adults click here to sign up.


Adult chaperones needed for this event.

All middle school students are invited to join us on Thursdays duruing Lent for a six-week bible study.

Don’t miss this fun event!

Don’t miss this fun event! Email Amy Bigart if you are interested. Adult volunteers are needed as well.


If you are interested in participating, email Amy Bigart,  [email protected].

WORKCAMP Male Crew Leader Needed ASAP

We are in immediate need of another male Adult Crew Leader. Without this male volunteer, we will be forced to reduce our number of male youths.

Here is a description of what an adult crew leader does and the requirements:

  • · Adult Crew Leaders are adults who work well with high school aged young people. Adult Crew Leaders make WorkCamp possible.
  • Adult Crew Leaders must be registered prior to attending an Adult Crew Leader meeting in March 2024.
  • They will help supervise the young people 24 hours a day for the entire time we are at WorkCamp. They will supervise a small group (the crew) at the work site and be responsible for groups from their parish at Homebase.
  • Adult Crew Leaders must be 25 years of age or older.
  • Adult Crew Leaders should attend all WorkCamp parish preparation meetings so they are prepared for the experience and be part of the formation with the young people from their parish WorkCamp group.
  • Adult Crew Leaders are encouraged to attend the April Stakeholder meeting.
  • Attendance at an Adult Leader Formation Meeting is MANDATORY
    • You may select from the March 6th, March 16th, or March 20th training days.
    • Attendance at one of the meetings is required. Any Adult Crew Leader that misses this training, for any reason, cannot come to WorkCamp and this will impact the number of teens the parish may bring to WorkCamp. 

If you can volunteer to help make WorkCamp a success, contact me and we will get you registered.

Andy Newton, St. James WorkCamp Stakeholder,

[email protected] 

Don’t miss this fun event!


College Students Breaking Bread and Breakfast

A St. Philip college student invites Saint James college students to a morning of socializing and fun at St. Philip Catholic Church on Monday, March 4th. Join us for the 8:00am Mass followed by breakfast (with optional morning prayer at 7:40am) in the Youth Room #4 for college students to socialize and connect. Feel free to bring a friend!


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If any adult can volunteer for events, click here.


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The Arlington Diocese prohibits the use of cell phones during youth ministry events.  We ask that students leave their cell phones at home or place them in the cell phone box at sign in.  Cell phones will be returned at the conclusion of the event. 

ADULT VOLUNTEERS – Youth Ministry needs adult volunteers for most activities who must be VIRTUS compliant and have completed a background check through the Arlington Diocese. Visit the Office of Child Protection website for more information on background checks, click here.

  • If any adult can volunteer for events, click here.


First Friday Food Distribution-Community Outreach Opportunity-High School-We are seeking additional high school youth volunteers for our monthly Food Distribution.  This outreach initiative typically occurs on the First Friday of the month in Heller Hall.  Volunteer shifts begin in the afternoon and end by 7:00pm.  If you are interested, email Amy Steinbicker, [email protected]. We ask that volunteers officially sign up, rather than just show up on the night of Food Distribution.     


Check out our slide show below and see some of the many Youth Ministry events we have had.