Pro-Life Group

The Pro-Life group organizes pro-life events for the parish. To join the Saint James Pro-Life email group, click here. Members receive occasional emails from the group’s leader, Rich Hunter, on pro-life events and needs (you can unsubscribe at any time). 

Questions? Please contact Rich Hunter at [email protected] or 571-423-6482 (call or text). 

Current Events

National March for Life in D.C. – Jan 2024

Join the Saint James Pro-Life group for the National March for Life in D.C. on Friday, January 19th.

The parish will provide a chartered bus for this event which will begin loading in front of the church at 10:15am and will depart at 10:45am. We will return to Saint James at approximately 4:30pm. Try to wear RED the day of the event. Also, everyone is encouraged to bring a bagged lunch, snacks, and water. 

To sign up by January 15th for the bus to DC, visit For  more information, contact Rich Hunter at [email protected] or 571-423-6482.

Virginia Pro-Life Day – Feb 2024

Join the Saint James Pro-Life group for a full day of pro-life advocacy on Virginia’s Pro-Life Day on Wednesday, February 21st, in Richmond. The group will meet lawmakers in the morning and gather at noon for Virginia’s March for Life. There will be a bus to and from Richmond. Our bus will begin loading in the Saint James parking lot at 5:30am, depart at 6:00am, and return to Saint James around 3:30pm.

There is a charge for this trip of $20 per seat, $50 max for a family.

A parishioner who is unable to go on the trip has generously offered to pay up to $250 to sponsor any people who need assistance in making this payment. The donor wishes to remain anonymous. To receive this assistance, please enter ‘VAPL’ in the Address 1 box when signing-up, and you will be marked as Paid on our list. 

To sign up for the bus to Richmond by February 16th, visit For  more information, contact Rich Hunter at [email protected] or 571-423-6482.

In addition to signing up for the bus, please register at so that district captains organizing meetings with lawmakers know how many people to expect and can be in touch with you.

Weekly Prayer at Local Abortion Facility 

Our group gathers every Saturday morning at 6:45am outside the abortion facility in our parish, at 900 S. Washington Street, to pray the rosary, led by a priest from Saint James. This is when the facility typically opens for the day. Please join us in this peaceful way of fighting for life, honoring the infants who are killed, and doing penance for society’s toleration of abortion.

Joan Andrews: Would you spend some time with the little babies in your own neighborhood before they die?

According to former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson, the number of “no shows” jumps from 15-20% to as high as 75% when people are praying on the sidewalk. 

Other Pro-Life Activities 

The following are some of the events and activities that the Pro-Life Group organizes: 

  • Annual wreath sale (on the 1st Sunday of Advent) to support a local pregnancy resource center 
  • Bus trip to the March for Life in D.C. each January
  • VA Pro-Life Day (February)
  • Parish participation in 40 Days for Life 
  • Annual Life Chain on the 1st Sunday in October (Respect Life Sunday) 
  • Pro-Life Group Meetings (meetings are announced via the Pro-Life Group email list and the bulletin)