1949 – IHMs Celebrate 25 Years at St. James

On May 1, 1949, the Sister, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary celebrated their silver jubilee of service at St. James. The program included the school children presenting Pageants of Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima and the following speech:

Reverend Fathers, devoted Sisters, and members of St. James Parish, both new and old:  It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to this the Silver Jubilee of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in our parish.  For 25 years we have been the fortunate recipients of their untiring services and loving devotion. These Sisters in a spirit of unselfish sacrifice have labored early and late to minister to our every want and need both large and small, and in their humble self-effcing manner have offered their every talent in order that St. James might grow and prosper in the manner which we now see.  Perhaps we have become so accustomed to the blue habit and white coif that we fail to appreciate fully their importance and necessity in our daily lives……These consecrated women then are truly the hands and feet of Christ in our parish, teaching, ministering and guiding both young and old….May we once again extend to these Sisters our deepest gratitude and loving affection for their many favors to us.”  

— Excerpt from address given during the celebration

The prayerful Bernadette in the tableau of Our Lady of Lourdes at right is Rosemary Maguire, now Sister Marie Vianney, IHM, living in Camilla Hall, Immaculata, Pennsylvania. (Camilla Hall benefits from the Nun Fun Run sponsored each year by St. James School.) Rosemary lived with her family in a big house just a block from St. James. An earlier resident of that same house was Robert Eugene Shreve, who helped excavate the foundation for the first stone St. James church. Two of Rosemary’s brothers also entered religious life: Robert was a Jesuit priest and William was a Trappist brother. 

The Sisters happily posed for the photo above with the anniversary cake commemorating this special occasion.  However, due to their customs at that time, the Sisters ate out of public sight and thus enjoyed the cake behind closed doors.
Pictured l-r:   Sr. Bon Secour, Sr. Mary Hugh, Sr. Theresia, Sr. Callista, Sr. Miriam Cephas, Sr. Maria Carmen, Sr. Maria Martin, Sr. Robertine, Sr. Christopher, Sr. Claudia, 
Sr. Paul Bernard, Sr. Therese, Sr. Kateri, Sr. John Bosco, 
Sr. Marie Pierre, Sr. Rosita, and Sr. Ann Joseph.
Mother Clotildis, Principal (not pictured)