June 18 – The Rectory

The original frame church of the Saint  James Mission and later Parish was
located on the corner of Fowler Street and South West Street, now the land of St. James Cemetery.  The house
adjoining the property (on Fowler Street), once the home of the Lightfoot family, was the Rectory.

        A.O. Von Herbulis who designed the 1902 stone church also designed the Rectory located next to the Church.  Thomas Hillier was contractor and builder for both the 1902 stone church and the Rectory.  During the 1951 enlargement of the original stone church under Philadelphia architects Gleason and Mulrooney with construction led by parishioner A. P. DiGiulian’s company, the cruciform church we have today was completed.  The Rectory was moved to its present location and enlarged at that time.