Reminder on Church Parking

With Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday coming up, we want to remind parishioners about parking. Please keep in mind that we have five lots available for Church parking:

· A Lot—on the corner of Park Avenue and Spring Street

· B Lot—on the corner of Park Avenue and Oak Street

· C Lot—on Broad Street, in front of the School

· Parish House Parking Lot—at 913 Park Avenue

· Sunday Mornings Only (until 1:00pm)—the top level of the garage at Founders Row

Our neighbors at Founders Row, beside the Parish House, have given us additional reserved parking in their garage on Sunday mornings only until 1:00pm on the top level of their parking garage.  

From Founders Avenue, turn into the parking garage entrance next to the Modera offices (big sign). Once in the parking garage, turn to the left and follow the overhead signs that say “Ramp Up – Additional Parking” – this will involve an eventual right turn, then go straight to the back and turn up the ramp to the right. You’ll make another right at the top of the ramp, and then you will see the signs on the pillars saying, “St. James Church Parking Sundays 7:00am to 1:00pm.”  There is one set of elevators to take you back down after leaving your car. Leaving from the parking garage allows you to exit on Broad Street and miss all the traffic on Park Avenue.